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Liar's poker : The Great Powers, Yugoslavia and the Wars of the Future


The fundamental and strategic interests of Germany and the United States in controlling oil routes and key areas of the world are illuminated in this translation. Domination of Russia and China, the bombing of Yugoslavia, and a NATO-sanctioned war for control of the Balkans are speculated about and discussed as long-term goals of the so-called Great Powers. The media and its faulty coverage of similar events in the past is examined, giving the reader the tools necessary to weed through the barrage of organized disinformation and avoid manipulation by the media.

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Where will they take place?

Will we once again see columns of refugees, camps and massacres?

How accurate is the information we receive?

In this book, the author of Attention, Media! gives you the chance to analyze for yourself the media's lies, and above all, to anticipate the wars of the future.

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